Providing Real Value in Payment Processing for almost 20 years.


Regit POS & Regit Express POS System

ImageFor over 10 years SPI has handled the payment processing for many Regit Users, like yourself.

American Precision Instruments continues to reccomend SPI because of the way we personally take care of their customers. We provide them with easy to read proposals showing the total fees they will pay. We do not Double Stack the fees making it almost impossible to know your fees as done on other proposals. Call us for details.

American Procession Instruments has annouced a Bonus Refund Program. Establish a new merchant account with SPI and receive a Full Purchase Price Refund of Regit POS and get Free Regit POS Support for Life!


  • Processing Solution is No Charge to all Regit users.
  • SPIs Secure Solution is the most secure method of payment processing available today.
  • Your customer's card data never touches your computer so it can't be hacked. Providing you with complete peace of mind.
  • Fast 2-5 Second Authorizations! - Faster than PCCharge!
  • 90% less Support Issues compared to PCCharge and other software.
  • No Charge American-based 24 Hour Support.
  • No Charge ever for upgrades.
  • Custom Printed Gift Cards are available at reasonable prices without paying Transaction Fees each time you accept one.
  • Process all transactions within Regit: Sales, Credit, Returns, Voids and PIN Debit with pin pad.
  • Check Guarantee / Conversion available with MagTek Mini Micr Reader. Available from SPI.
  • Checks are electronically deposited into your account within a couple of days.
  • Virtual Terminal is provided at No Charge
  • Regit has built-in access to web-based reporting with comprehensive reports improving your backoffice efficiency
  • Next Day Funding available.
  • Encrypted Magnetic Card Readers $98.95 + shipping. Although you may use traditional magnetic card reader.

Contact SPI today to open a Secure Merchant Account.